Don is getting ready for his next auction, to be held this fall, and he’s currently selecting only quality items for inclusion in the sale.

If you have top-quality antiques, art, collectibles, jewelry, and other desirable items, please call Don today at 714-633-2437.

Don’s also available to help disperse any and all estates through his Estate Sales division.

If you have an estate requiring dissolution, please contact Don today at 714-633-2437 and let him know what you’ve got.

We conduct on-site estate sales of household contents. Our estate sales are well organized, well run and get great results. We take care of every detail of the estate sale from sorting, pricing, display, crowd control, clean outs, dumpster service, advertising to conducting the estate sales. We do it all! A complete Estate Liquidation Service. Our services assist Executors who need Estate Appraisals and Estate Liquidation.

Our specialized knowledge in the identification and value assessment of collectibles and other household items can make more money for you than you could on your own. Let us put our knowledge, expertise and organizational skills to work for you to achieve optimum value for your Estate items. As anyone who has ever held Garage Sales, Liquidation Sales or Estate Sales knows, there is a lot of time and effort involved in the preparation and setup of a successful sale.

•Free Initial Consultation

•Sale Preparation & Merchandising {set up}

•Pricing and bulk pricing ALL MERCHANDISE

•Promote the Sale Through our Proprietary Network of Buyers & the General Public

•Conduct the Sale

•Rubbish Removal (additional fee)

•Sale Previews via our Website

•Ad Creation & Placement


We charge a commission rate against total sales, minus the advertising costs. No money comes directly out of your pocket. The commission varies depending on the quality and quantity of items and the amount of work involved!

Call for any details and set up your free consultation.

Thank you for your interest in Don Presley Auction and Estate Sales!