Dear Friends:

We have some exciting news from Don Presley Auction, and I wanted to be the first one to share it with you.

First, let me begin by saying how grateful I am to each and every one of you who have been my friends and customers over the years. It’s because of you that we’ve been able to hold some of the best auction events ever here in Southern California – from my valued consigners, to my bidders and buyers, and even my friends who have supported me all these years.

After many years in our location here on Katella in Orange, we’ve decided to reduce our overhead and focus on what we do best: assembling the best lots for the best auctions. That means we will be closing our Orange gallery in the next few weeks and will be operating from a virtual office. You’ll be able to reach me by phone as always at 714-633-2437, or by email at info@donpresley.com.

We’ll be having our auction online as always, and we will likely be having live, in-person auction events as well. But for now we are going to take the summer to focus on our next sale, to be held in the early fall timeframe. We’re already assembling some amazing lots from the best collections and consignors in the industry, so we know you’ll be thrilled.

Thanks to all who have helped us create some great memories here at our Orange location. We’ll be in touch and as always, we encourage you to sign up for our email list at www.DonPresley.com – right on the front page of our website – it’s the best way to stay in touch with us.


Don Presley

Antique Week: Change of Venue for Don Presley Auctions

By Carole Deutsch

Don Presley has been in the auction arena for 47 years and in that time he has had to reinvent his business upon several occasions to keep up with new trends and market demands. After 17 years in the same location in Orange, California Don is on the move and altering his auction venue. Changes in zoning regulations in the county have made doing business at the W. Katella Avenue location increasingly difficult, so Don has decided to take his business “to the road.”

Effective immediately, Don Presley is closing his doors at the Katella, Orange facility and will be holding online only auctions every two months. Periodically throughout the year Don Presley Auctions will hold onsite auctions either at a convention center or, preferably, at a public or private location that is in keeping with the genre of the items being sold, in order to better enhance the ambiance of the auction experience. In addition, specialty auctions are also on the horizon for Presley.

At present an exceptional collection of Majolica, as well as and a massive collection of dolls and dollhouse items, are being catalogued for a late August or early September auction.

Don Presley expressed his sentiments concerning the change of venue. “We had some of the best auctions in Southern California and I am so grateful to my loyal customers who made it all possible. At the same time I am both excited and relieved to be able to get down to business without the weight of dealing with the bureau’s ever-increasing restrictions and costly code renovations. We have always had an abundance of outstanding merchandise to offer and that will not change. The only thing that is changing is our location.”

While the Presley presence in the Orange community has been a mainstay for auction lovers for many years, ultimately what made the auction house successful was not the enjoyable neighborhood barbeques that Don routinely held, but the high quality of individual items and deep collections of importance that made the legendary auction house the place to be on auction day.

“Thanks to all who have helped us create some great memories at the Orange location.” We’ll be in touch and as always, stay subscribed to our email newsletter as we’ll be sending out news of our next auctions soon.”

One thing that will never change at Don Presley auctions is Presley’s reputed dedication to his clients. “For me the customer has always come first,” stated Don. The popular auction house is also known for its charity work in raising money for special needs projects and that also will continue.

Don Presley’s website, phone number and email remain the same. For updates and auction details visit the website where upcoming sales will be posted in detail. www.donpresley.com, phone: 714-633-2437, email at info@donpresley.com.